Terminal 1


Project Details

Terminal 1isa forthcoming anurban coffee barand retail shop in Seattle, WA, offeringglobally inspiredcoffeeand culturalgoods. 

The concept for the Terminal 1 business centers on the brand ethos of “the philosophy of travel in the everyday” – offeringcoffeeand cultural retail goods sourced from roasters and makers globally with a goal of recreating the delight and wonder of travelling on a daily basis. 

My design directive with this project was to take the brand ethos and product offering and translate it into a strong and memorable brand and identity.  Inspired by the “golden age of travel”, I looked to visual cues from mid-century graphic artists like Eduard Hoffmann, Max Bill, and Saul Bass, as well as iconic train stations and airports from that era. 

After a significant analysis of various typefaces from that periodthe logo was ultimately inspired by signage lettering in the Santa Maria Novella train station in Italy.  Through deep exploration playing with sketches, typeset, positive/negative space, outlines and weights, the logo was finalized in a way that blends nostalgic and contemporary into an identity that is distinguished and cosmopolitan. 

The identity was then extended through a family of brand elements including a monogram, brand guidelines, photography/art direction, website, social media and environmental applications. 

  • Credit: In-House Design, Marketing, Strategy, Development Team. Santa Maria Novella Photo by vernaculartypography.com
  • Website:  COMING SOON