I love

invisible beauty

deep concepts

precious freedom

complex art

pure emotion

the essential

rare silences

unedited perfume

Hello, and welcome. Giulia Bonforte is an Italian Designer, living and working in Vancouver.

Born and raised in Milan, lived in London and came to Vancouver in 2012. She spends most of her time drawing, creating, and experimenting with new forms of art.

Selected Awards & Publications

The Dieline

“ The first taste is with the eyes. A brilliant partnership with the PANTONE Color Institute generated the redesign of the Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag (PTB) Collection, which inspired the campaign, #PaletteForYourPalate.”


Design Taxi

“The series, called #PaletteForYourPalate, consists of ten soothing tea flavors such as ‘Imperial Oolong’, ‘Monsoon Chai’ and ‘Vanilla Rooibos’ beautifully paired with their respective packaging colors to evoke a variety of moods.”



“Tealeaves x Pantone Collaboration Results in Visual and Culinary Delights. The exhibit is a celebration of the remarkable talents in the culinary and beverage industries that has resulted in the creation of beautiful works of art.”



“We collaborated with the Pantone to co-design new packaging for our iconic Pyramid Teabag collection. Over 30 world-class Executive Chefs, Pastry Chefs, and Mixologists all volunteered their time to help us celebrate the launch.”



“Purveyor Tealeaves in collaboration with global color authority Pantone launched an unparalleled online exhibition that showcases the strong influence color has on food and drink. ”


Elle Decor

“What do you get when a group of top mixologists, the Pantone Color Institute, and the creators of a new tea-based drink called Tealeaves join forces to help us imbibe?”


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