Iconic Design, Within Reach.

Project Details

Nexus is a 41-storey landmark residential condominium project in downtown Seattle.

The tower’s distinct stacked-and-shifted architectural form has already become a fixture in the Seattle skyline, and the building’s sophisticated interior design, art, technology and common amenities set a new standard for urban living.

The objective in designing a brand for such an iconic and large-scale project was to be distinctive while also malleable and dynamic, as there were many different types of applications that needed to harmonize together, spanning from digital ads, to printed collateral, to environmental and event signage.

In all of the various brand applications, important understanding and attention were paid to the relationship which the specific design had with the viewer – whether it was being read on a page, viewed on a screen, or experienced in person up close or from a distance.  The project was an additional challenge because much of the design was done remotely, so collaborating with both team members and vendors from afar while still meeting design goals and deadlines was an important accomplishment.

  • Credit: In-House Design, Marketing, Strategy, Development Team.