Jetlag Therapy Kit

Where will you take your #JetlagTherapy?

The brief given to the creative team was to redesign the existing Jetlag Therapy Kit packaging following a minimal and modern aesthetic. The ultimate design would be positioned for welcome amenities in hotel suites, airline hospitality kits, and for sale at duty-free shops, online and other retail locations.The art direction for the packaging attempts to capture the carefree nature of childhood through the use of dandelion and clock face imagery. The concept of the dandelion symbolizes joyful memories of youth, where time is never a burden. The imagery is designed to represent the product inside, which counteracts the negative mental and physical toll of jet lag. The design aims to make the consumer feel like they can literally ‘blow away’ the concept of time by using this product, just like the happy-go-lucky days of childhood.

The Jetlag Therapy Kit was also featured in Condé Nast Traveler and the Dieline!